Weekly Updates, Week Ending November 22nd, 2020

For an overview of everything going on in the Yearn Ecosystem, check out this week’s Yearn Finance Weekly Newsletter. Highlights this week include a vote to raise the YFI debt ceiling on MakerDAO, as well as a sneak peak of Yearn’s v2 UI.

For more detailed information on Yearn’s governance from the past week, check out @nomad’s Yearn Governance Roundup. This week saw the passing of YIP-55, as well as proposals to create a yDPI vault and to support the YFI/BNT pool on Bancor.

For more detailed information about Yearn’s yVaults, check out our newest State of the Vaults. This week Yearn developers published v0.2.0 of the yVault contracts, pushed a fix to help prevent flash loan attacks, and closed down the HEGIC v2 yVault after successful testing. :mage:

And for daily updates, follow YFI Pulse.