Vote for YFI in Bancor's Liquidity Mining Program

Go vote to add YFI to Bancor’s liquidity mining rewards! We’re always looking to add more on-chain liquidity, and the addition of BNT liquidity mining will be a great boost for LPs.

For more information about the program, you can read the announcement here. but most importantly, just go vote for YFI here—the vote is only open for 72 hours!


Top 2 to win.

Current rankings:

  1. REN - 231
  2. EWT - 213
  3. YFI - 207
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From what I read, we actually just need to be in the top 6, and then the top 6 are put up for vote on-chain via Bancor governance (yes/no), and the top 2 from that are added to the program