Question: Using OZDefender Relayer but utilizing Bonded NonOZD addr?

(Non coder speaking) How do we solve the following problem:

Using Defender from OZ, it is the Relayer address that is being used to determine how much KP3R bonded, but my bonded addr is my own metawallet. How do we use the relayer but have the autotask code allow for the Job to understand that it is the other wallet that needs to be scanned and verified for its total KP3R bonded?

Using @kx9x gist code as the template.

@spalladino can confirm, but I am pretty sure that you cannot delegate your bond to another address.

The Relayer in Open Zeppelin Defender is its own wallet, separate than your personal one. It brings important security features for users of OZ Defender and you cannot merely import your personal Keep3r wallet into their system. It is a great place to start a new and fresh KP3R, this is why you see KP3R activation code in the example code in spalladino’s WIP documentation.

I believe you need to unbond your current KP3R and rebond on your Relayer wallet. This unfortunately takes 14 days and the call to unbond() on the smart contract also immediately removes your bonding, so you cannot get any K3PR bonding boost during that 14 days.

14 days is a lot of downtime, but keep in mind that KP3R is still young, so by the time you finish your unbonding and transition to using OZ Defender, the whole system will be easier to use, probably more profitable with more jobs, and the KP3R features more fully fleshed out.

One option you have is running jobs locally on your computer using Node.js and slowly unbonding and transitioning to Relayer, little by little, avoid downtime. This require a small degree of technical skill, but perhaps will become more accessible when I have a little more time to pump out some guides and scripts.

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Take your time man. Thank you for the response. Without any technical knowledge (other than bang head against wall reading Ether Docs)…I have to trust in you and @spalladino to provide idiot proof template for using a relayer, and registering a non relayer KP3R address AND correct incorporation of a INFURA API. Having the power and knowledge to hack scripts must be fun, for me it is pain and more pain. Lol.

The issue I have in bonding a serious amount of KP3R into a Relayer is that I am not comfortable with it. I don’t even know how I would access it if something went wrong etc vs MetaMask I at least am comfortable with. So…I will accept my fate, buy more KP3R to hit Andre’s boosts and MetaKeep3r requirements, extert patience and pray whitehat smarties do their best to pump :slight_smile: Thanks man.

I don’t have much to add to @kx9x response, as he says, each Defender Relayer account is kept securely in a vault and cannot be exported (by design). As such, it’s different from the account you use in Metamask for instance.

We are working on an interface to make it easy to bond and activate a Relayer without any code involved. In the meantime, note that most jobs don’t require any bonded KPR tokens to be executed! So you can get away with bonding zero tokens and still manage to execute most jobs.

Okay wonderful, yes I think once UI ease is made, so users can bond and unbond KP3R on their relayer as well as move that KP3R onto their own address to sell I should use that. (Essentially, I am nervous that without no all, my eth and KP3R will be stuck on a Relayer indefinitely.) It will be nerve racking, but I’m in this, so until then keep up the good work.

Hey folks, we’ve published our guide to activating and running a Relayer on Defender, along with a few changed in the Defender Client that make the setup even easier. Check it out and let us know what you think!