How to unbond?please helpp

Hello there i activated my kp3r but i cant seem to find a way to unbond them.

Is there any steps to be taken to unbond it someone can help me with exact steps and buttons to be clicked to unbond? Do i need to wait 14 days to get kp3r back after i unbond?
Or i can withdraw immidiately?

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The button is broken, but fixed with this pull request: use correct bond amount for remove suggestion by listonjesse · Pull Request #12 · keep3r-network/keep3r.governance (

Need Andre or Antonnell to review and deploy the change.

I posted a guide on how to unbond using Etherscan in the Discord under the keeper-chat channel, if you are not able to wait and want to start the process now.

Ok this makes sense now so i had rather like to wait then ! Thanks for heads up!

I press the amount is still showing zero.
So I can’t unbond because my amount not showing

Dear all,
I see there is an issue with unbonding. Will wait, but could you also advise how to perform jobs with the bonded kpr? Also flashes red and shows a weird number wherever and whenever I try.


I’ve bonded successfully and activated it and subsequently unbonded my KP3R.

I’ve managed to get a successful transaction (for unbonding) but do not have my KP3R in my wallet, can I clarify that it will only show up in my wallet after the 14 day unbonding period ? Thanks


I’m having the same issue. Can no longer see my unbonded kp3r in my wallet or in the site. Hopefully we get it back.

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Same here, I unbonded couple of hours ago. TX shows up succesfully on Etherscan. According to the documentationunbonding takes 14days. I assume that the UI doesn’t reflect KPR in unbonding process. Would be nice if the UI could visualize KPR which are in the process of unbounding, maybe with a timer.

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Why are they disconnecting? It is a new project, what problems are there? I want to be a guardian and you do not want to be, please, any valid argument? how much are the earnings for each linked kp3r?
greetings to all

answer is in profitability thread.


I have bonded KP3R 5 days ago, and it shows as PENDING ACTIVATION.

Am I doing something wrong?

You need to hit the activate bonds button in the UI. After that you can either perform jobs or remove your bonds with the remove button after refreshing (this takes 14 days)

Thanks for your kind reply. I do not have such button.
After 3 days of waiting, the “Activatable at” message disappeared.
After that, I bonded 0 KPR and the bottom part apparead with the PENDING ACTIVATION.

The “Activatable at” is for the new bond.

You cannot activate your bonds until 2020/11/03 19:06. You need to wait.

Just to understand how it works. If I bond now X KPR, in 2 days I bond Y KPR. I will have to wait for the Y KPR bonding in order to activate all the KPR bonded?

Anyways, thanks for the answer. I will check again tomorrow.

THE TX from 5 days ago

no. u can activate x kpr after 3 days of x kpr bonding . u can earn more kpr as a result of your work, with the activated kpr.