[Proposal] Yearn v3 vaults Community Subgraph


Creating a specialized Community Subgraph for the Yearn v3 Protocol, designed to enhance data analytics capabilities. This will empower dApp developers with precise on-chain data querying tools and provide analysts/traders with deeper insights for more strategic investment decisions.

Team Overview

  • Organization/Team Name
    • web3infinityx
  • Mission Statement:
    • Empowering businesses to build superior blockchain solutions swiftly, we harness our expertise to elevate work quality and make a meaningful impact in the digital world.
  • Core Team Members:
    • Harsh A:
      • Harsh is engineering lead who has worked on various web3 projects. He has prior experience in building Subgraphs and had also built a subgraph for Yearn v2 (link). He possesses an in-depth understanding of yield aggregator protocols.
      • Telegram:
        • Harsh_9041
      • Discord:
        • phoenix4058
    • Prashant R:
      • Prashant has more than a decade of software engineering experience and is currently running an IT consultancy company based out of London. He has prior experience working with top clients including Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Prashant has deep expertise in DevOps, analytics, and is passionate about blockchain.
      • Telegram:
        • boyka9799
      • Discord:
        • boyka9799


Currently, there is no reliable and comprehensive data source on the Yearn v3 protocol, the v2 subgraph is outdated and we do not have any subgraph for newly launched v3 vaults. Building v3 subgraph will allow users to have reliable data source to be used with dApp’s.

  • Why Subgraphs?
    • Subgraphs serve as foundational components that enable teams to efficiently develop and enhance applications built on blockchain protocols. Subgraphs organize and simplify blockchain data for easy access, allowing developers to efficiently query specific information needed for their applications. This tool enhances the development of user-friendly, decentralized apps by making blockchain data more manageable and accessible.
    • Here is an example:
      • Imagine you’re a chef in a vast library of cookbooks (the blockchain), where each book contains thousands of recipes (transactions and contracts). Now, you’re interested only in recipes for vegan desserts. Instead of going through every book and page yourself to find these recipes, you create a special index (a subgraph) that lists all the vegan dessert recipes, their ingredients, and where to find them in the library. This index is customized exactly to your needs, making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for at a glance.

Implementation Plan

  • Phase 1: Research & Design
    • Objectives
      • To determine the essential metrics that should be incorporated in the subgraph schema.
    • Key Activities
      • Research Synthesis:
        • Collate and analyze all the data and findings obtained from the research activities to derive meaningful insights.
      • Metric Structuring:
        • Define a detailed outline of pivotal metrics that the subgraph should encompass.
    • Expected Deliverables
      • Research Report:
        • Well-defined list of key metrics to be included in the subgraph.
  • Phase 2: Development & Testing
    • Objectives
      • To design, develop, and deploy a reliable and efficient subgraph for the Yearn v3 protocol.
    • Key Activities
      • Schema Definition:
        • Define the schema, incorporating all key metrics identified during the research and discovery phase. This will be designed in a way for efficient indexing, and querying.
      • Subgraph Implementation:
        • Transform the design and research insights into a fully functional subgraph.
      • Deployment:
        • Launch the developed subgraph on both hosted and decentralized Graph networks for all chains with the Yearn protocol.
    • Expected Deliverables
      • Open-Source Code:
        • The entire subgraph code, which will be made publicly accessible.
      • Subgraph Documentation:
        • Comprehensive schema documentation, example queries, and integration notes.
      • Subgraph Deployment:
        • Deployed and fully indexed subgraphs on the hosted and decentralized networks for all chains.
  • Phase 3: Subgraph Data Verification
    • Objectives
      • To ensure the accuracy and reliability of the subgraph data by rigorously comparing it against established sources, highlighting its correctness.
    • Key Activities
      • Data Scrutiny:
        • Conduct a thorough examination of the subgraph data, comparing each metric and dataset with their corresponding values in existing sources (contracts, Dune dashboards, etc.)
      • Discrepancy Analysis:
        • Identify any disparities between the subgraph data and existing sources. Investigate the root causes of these discrepancies to ensure data integrity and accuracy.
      • Data Validation:
        • Confirm the correctness of the subgraph data through various validation techniques, ensuring its reliability for users.
    • Expected Deliverables
      • Data Verification Report:
        • A comprehensive report comparing and verifying correctness and explaining any discrepancies with existing data sources.

Budget Overview

  • Estimated Total Cost:
    • Grant amount requested (in fiat):
      • TBD
  • Funding Request:
    • Address:
      • TBD

Milestone and Budget allocation:

Milestone Duration (weeks) Cost (USD)
Phase 1: Research & Design ~1 TBD
Phase 2: Development & Testing ~3 TBD
Phase 3: Optimization and Deployment ~1 TBD
Phase 4: Maintenance & Support Plan N/A N/A

** Maintinance and support plan TBD

Success Metrics

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):
    • Writing a simple Jupyter notebook to verify data against the different sources available for example Dune, or anything suggested by Yearn team.

Our core values

  • Clear and Open Communication: We prioritize clear and open communication to foster innovation and efficiency.

  • Consistent Updates: Regular updates keep our team and clients aligned and informed.

  • Transparency: We commit to transparency in all our dealings to build trust and encourage honest feedback.

  • Client Satisfaction: Our focus on exceeding client expectations ensures high-quality deliverables and lasting partnerships.


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