Data for Strategists -An unnecessary obstacle


Strategists need to agree on what data formats, and more specifically what kind of data types, etc, should be used as a baseline so that we can more easily compare strategies and do benchmarking.

Second: Should / Does Yearn/YFI Governance provide data as a public good? If so what should be included? If so should a data service provider be contracted to collect, and publish said data?

Here is a sample of data sets with some small descriptions of data formats

What does everyone think? More importantly, what data sets should strategists be looking at? What metrics are actually important versus bullshit?

For: provide data as a public good (in general)

Against: go collect your own data, I hear you can get a free data api with this coupon



Data in crypto is key, Yearn can set an example in providing more data, more transparently. This would benefit the whole space. I am for this proposal.

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I have uploaded some initial sets of data points for bancor and uniswap here:

Would like to know what other data points are relevant, etc, that way we can create a wishlist