Proposal : Make and add (CORE) amm + strategies

Summary :

Proposal to add (CORE) as an asset used as collateral for the upcoming delegated yVaults release in v2 or to create a vault with a single token.

Background : (CORE)
is among the highest valued and most liquid ERC-20 tokens. (CORE) high market capitalization makes it well suited to be the first delegated yVault asset as it will likely contribute to the most fees that will be eventually accrued to YFI holders. (CORE) also has one of the most robust communities in crypto and successful initial trials of delegated yVaults will likely encourage larger token holders to join the ecosystem, adding even more fees for YFI holders.

Delegated yVaults use Core oracles as a critical component of the system making the token a vital part of the product.

(CORE) token holders would likely support using this product. Therefore, add

(CORE) will be mutually beneficial for both

(CORE) and YFI holders.

For : (CORE).

Against : Don’t add (CORE).


How does the token work? what would be the strategy followed by the theoretical vault accepting the token? you talk about a delegated vault, in which protocols you can use the token to borrow, for instance, stablecoins against it? What are the future plans of the project? It has been out for like 1 week and it only has the token.



Many other things are a priority before this new majorly speculative coin that is barely embarking on its first hype cycle.


$Core has no products.
We can only farm and trade.

I don’t want to say too much, but I think a word that starts with S is match this project.


Feels like someone is shilling his own bag?


I am fully against this proposal.


Against this proposal because CORE is just like delayed ponzi. It doesn’t have ecosystem to generate revenue other than being a LP in uniswap


Against, CORE is a ponzi token without any real value.


Definitively the one best innovative mover so far, salute, and appreciate by the market.

Main farming pools payout CORE fees.
They have appreciated due to the positive market pressure.

If the holders decide COREVault should have a YFI pool, we can set
the ratio of fees it will be able to distribute, as well as when people should be
able to withdraw YFI tokens from it.

It creates an incentive to hold even more CORE by the holders of YFI tokens.



PS where are the other sections of the proposal format template. Just a summary and background?

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I am against, and also don’t consider CORE to be one of the most robust communities in crypto. It was launched two weeks ago.

I support adding other tokens first such as LEND or WBTC that have proven reliance and long-lasting potential in the market before projects that were launched two weeks ago.


Although this proposal may have merit. It is not clearly articulated in the post. It does not layout how core produces yield and thus can be used. It does call for a large cooperation with the protocol.

My vote is nay as is.

Then there is a fair amount of accusations in the comments by the community against CORE

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Agree strongly on getting traction with Bitcoin on Ethereum.

Fair Enough!

With a 1% fee on transfers for farming, 7% is used as a dev fee. The remaining 93% goes directly to farmers.

I am for Core!


Adding more composability in the lego space makes us more resilient and wealthy,
so I m for core indeed.

Allow me to highlight those facts :

Since CORE has a Fee on Transfer , the APY is influenced by volume and trades. An additional pair will create new trading opportunities which both pools will benefit from.

Each liquidity pool collects its fees and distributes these among its LP tokens separately. However, a second liquidity pool indirectly affects trading fees by allowing new strategies to occur, therefore encouraging higher trading volume.

The LP tokens mint at the end of the LGE; however, each contribution during this event will immediately be used to maintain the peg between CORE/wBTC. The Market is buying CORE when it is necessary.
Changing the trading volume of CORE and, therefore, the APY.

The Liquidity Generation Event is designed for maximum fairness . LP tokens are distributed proportionally , while after the event, the price per token will scale with the pool’s increase. Meaning after the event, each newly minted LP token becomes increasingly expensive.

I appreciate the ethos in yfi and core spirit,
But they are different LP use cases.

I am 4

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Hey TrendingTab, are you a Core Dev? If yes, I have a few questions for you.

Against completely.
Core is ponzi pnd coin.


I have a love/hate relationship with CORE, well the idea of it.

I love it is well thought out
I hate it’s a black hole which no one may return from
I love that it is in essence burning ETH with every stake
I hate that if I had CORe I need to hope someone else wants it because they like black holes
I love that it has essentially has a value floor
I hate that this floor is completeoy dependant on trading desire.

I don’t know about this.

I guess CORE holders would benefit from a vault, but I wouldn’t be advertising new people to become CORErs. But this is just me and my limited understanding of it.