**Proposal** Fund a GPU Mining Farm

## Summary

YFI should invest some of its profits into Pylon.finance FDI vault to build an $ETH GPU mine. The projects founders have been mining $eth for years and achieved ROI’s of 25% in a bear market and over 150% in a bull market. A GPU mine has an estimated runtime of 10 years. The $pylon team is able to front the hashrate until the actual completion of the mine so the mine pays out dividends within 7 days of deposit.

Investing in an FDI vault would provide an additional continuous income stream and increased profitability for those staking $YFI. Additionally, the diversification help to ensure less overall fluctuation APY of the YFI ecosystem.

## Background

The $Pylon founders have the largest $ETH GPU mines in the U.S. The $pylon token launched just a few months ago however they have already built the $pylon GPU mine which is currently fluctuating between #6-8th Largest in the U.S. This was done with an initial seed fund of $1.15m. The first 3 weeks buybacks/dividends were $6,800, $7,400, and $8,400 respectively.

Website: pylon.finance

$Pylon Token: 0xd7b7d3c0bda57723fb54ab95fd8f9ea033af37f2

Current Live Hashrate for $Pylon can be found here:


And the $ETH mined is sent to the below address each time 2.5 $ETH is accumulated, the $ETH is then used to market buy $Pylon weekly and redistributed to $pylon stakers.

Pylon’s process is as follows for the FDI VAULT:

  1. Deposit in Vault.

  2. Funds Deployed.

  3. Mine built for Vault.

  4. Dividends to user based on % of their share in vault.

Dividends paid within 7 days or less after user deposits in vault.

Any principle contributed to the vault goes directly to the funding of GPU mines and is not able to be withdrawn.

As well as .5% fee for FDI vaults.

## Motivation

To increase $YFI future cash flow and dividends to $YFI stakers via an additional continuous revenue stream.


Deposit an initial investment of $1m to FDI vaults to build YFI’s $ETH GPU mine.


Don’t invest in the $pylon FDI vault



Can we really be sure this is something that will pay off enough long term? PoW mining on ETH has an expiration date. I’d rather just buy a bunch of nodes once the decentralized pools take off if we were to do something in this realm.


It’ll be around 2+ years before ETH 2.0 is fully rolled out. Also GPU miners are flexible and reprogrammable to mine other profitable coins as well. $ETH is simply the most profitable coin to mine with GPU’s at the current moment.

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There is a saying I like that goes like this: “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” To me, this is not core to what Yearn is all about. It strikes me that Yearn might need to sharpen its mission and purpose as it keeps sprouting tentacles into lots of areas. I have no qualms about most of its latest moves that may provide good synergy. We just need to be careful that we are not jumping on opportunities that may not be within our wheelhouse. It is also not up to Yearn to provide diversification. That onus is on the investor. So, I’ll end my commentary as I started, with a quip once said by Henry Kissinger. “I only do what only I can do.” Yearn should only do what only it can do. Just my 2 gwei.


There seems to be an investment in a more centralized cash flow stream. I think yearn is better off investing in other defi money legos.

I’ve been invested in both projects since the beginning, I like them both! Pylon is trying to do something new and interesting tethering crypto to real world assets.

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2600 MH/s for 3000 W @ 4.4 GB
or for (English)

Popular Miners - Mining Revenue Comparison - F2Pool

Adding utility blockchains/stonks energy tokens or retaled to improve ROI in package.


Thanks for sharing.humm Interrestiing , :thinking: i didnt know about that Linzhi Phoenix , NANO豪微科技 iPollo G1, and iBeLink BM-K1.
As Pro , we have rebates on tax and energy supply lines.

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