Farm YFII/DFI Again


Farm YFII/DFI in yVault as price has risen considerably.


Farm YFII/DFI in yVault as price has risen considerably.


I have not done the math, but seeing how much YFII/DFI has risen, there is a opportunity to farm them and achieve a higher APY for yVault.


Change farming strategy to farming YFII/DFI for increase APY for yVault.


YFII/DFI should definitely be added

what’s DFI? does use yfi farming?

YFII got rebranded to DFI to get away from the stigma that it is a YFI fork.

I think I’ve spotted the problem there.

The yCRV vault is simply too big. If it switched over to YFII / dfi, the size of that staking pool would triple in an instant, destroying the returns. Yearn is a big fish now, and that pond is just too small for us.

Yes, but this is just an optimization problem in the end, right? We could farm YFII with (e.g.) 15% of the yvault while the rest keeps farming CRV. This might still produce a few percent increase in the total aggregated yield.

As the yvault pool grows, splitting it into various farming grounds might become a necessity anyway.


Splitting part of the vault into YFII is a feasible strategy, but it is questionable if it’s worth spending the effort to implement it, since it will only last a few weeks anyway, due to YFII’s halving rule.

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I think it would be worth it for a 20% apy boost or more to split funds. Im sure this could be done.

Waiting when yfii can farm again

Looking at the pool statistics, I think this would not be an efficient use of resources. The market is quickly moving to correct the discrepancy, as the YFII pool has more than doubled in the last 24 hours, and the next halving will occur in about 4 hours. On Curve, the vault has an advantage that not everyone has (a bunch of CRV from before to boost the returns). In the YFII pool it has no relative advantage.


Where can I find the YFII halving schedule and procedure?

The authoritative source is contract 0xb81d3cb2708530ea990a287142b82d058725c092.

The reward rate halves each week. For reasons unknown to me, their documentation says it will last for 10 weeks, but I don’t see anything that would actually stop it after that time.

How do you suspect these halvings to affect $YFFIs price?

I don’t think there is a dependable relationship between them, and anyway speculating on price movement is kind of antithetical to what the vaults do (so far), so I would leave that out of this discussion.

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Gotcha sorry buddy thanks for the info. If you can point me to a source for YFII info I’d appreciate it.

For example their Discord.

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Can any of you point me in the right direction of a tutorial on how to farm YFII?