Proposal: Add Livepeer (LPT) vault yLPT


This proposal is to add a Livepeer vault. Livepeer has a staking mechanism that rewards token holders for participating in the protocol. As you can see at, Livepeer currently rewards stakers with ~24% yield.


Create a Livepeer vault that enables the delegation of LPT to a vault contract that then stakes with an orchestrator on token holders behalf and claims inflation rewards.


A livepeer vault would allow for the aggregation of LPT tokens, delegation to optimal orchestrators and reduce the gas burden on individuals claiming their rewards. Currently claiming inflation rewards is prohibitive for small LPT holders due to gas costs.


yLPT would implement deposit, withdraw, select, and harvest, methods. deposit will allow holders to deposit LPT tokens into the contract. withdraw allows withdrawal subject to the performance fee. select allows the redelegation of tokens toward an orchestrator (can be gated by community vote), harvest claims rewards.

For: Implement yLPT vault

Against: Do not implement yLPT vault


How would this work with the 7-day unbonding mechanic?

i think we can either impose the same withdrawal period (so just pass through) or we could do something more interesting and payout withdrawals with new deposits when possible

I vote for. I’ve been a long time participant in Livepeer, their team is great, it’s a useful product that’s been running smoothly. It’s also part of Barry Sillbert portfolio (as seen on his Twitter bio: We could have a pool staked to a Yearn orchestrator.

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This would just make yearn another staking pool. Not an investment strategy.

Would be better if LPT was supported on aave or compound or similar protocol first. For now, I’m against.


This just seems like a proposal to pump LPT


How is staking to an optimal operator on a service oriented protocol that has staking not an investment strategy? I could say liquidity mining worthless governance tokens is not an investment strategy.

Staking Livepeer tokens to (delegating) an operator on the Livepeer network (“an Orchestrator”) will also entitle that delegator to a portion of the ETH fees earned by that orchestrator.

So it will earn the yearn vault both LPT and ETH.

Moving stake to another orchestrator is not bound to the 7-day withdrawal period so the vault could optimise based on reward shares, fee shares and actual amount of fees earned by an orchestrator.

You might have a point here.

I’m staying out of this thread for now, with respect :slight_smile:
Will let other decide on this.

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@nicov do you think there is a case for having a yLPT vault per Orchestrator so that any ongoing costs for claiming earnings can be shared between Depositors?

@tarrence how would we go about creating the mechanism to get a vault calling approve on the LPT token, and bond on the Livepeer Protocol? This would be the starting point to get the vault into Livepeer’s game. We can worry about getting (part of) a vault out of Livepeer’s game later.

Follow progress here:

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