PROPOSAL: 5%+ YFI tokens - Public investor profiles


Require some information about those entities who hold over 5% of YFI tokens.


I see value in understanding what types of people are interested in this coin. As well as I think that I would take my position more seriously if I could have a better understanding of the types of investors I am investing with.


If you can see the types of entities you are investing with, and some basic information about them,
Perhaps there may be a larger sense of trust to other investors to the platform If the holders of over 5% YFI have public and easily accessible profiles.


I also realize there may be some large holders who are only able to generate a large return by staying private. So I guess the real question to ask is, is it better to have those large holders of YFI staying private or not?


Seeking a way to increase my sense of security with this investment.


This could be a subcategory to this form page. Where holders would have to fill out a form and provide proof of some sort. Questions could range from,

How many tokens do you own?
What sort of future do you see for YFI?
Where is your country of origin?
Are you a single person or organization?
Price projection?

It all depends how specific you want to go.

For: Implement summary of those holders with over 5% YFI. Large investors should be public.

Against: Keep everything the same. Large investors should stay private


I think your poll is broken.
I also see this being quickly shot down.
Goes against one of the core vaules of DeFi, permissionlessness.

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This would technically still cater to permissionlessness… (is that even a word?)
I also view the YFI token as a type of meta-DeFi token. One that has access to other DeFi services.

If you could expand your stance more I’d appreciate it. I don’t see how it would be shot down.

You are asking top owners to publicly disclose their personal particulars, which is very dangerous to do in crypto. And the motivation is just to make you feel secure about investing in YFI?

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Honestly you could have done more homework on your own, but let me help by giving some tips:

1). Read who controls the multisig =>
2). Two funds that publicly disclose they invest in YFI are and