Plain English explaination of DAI Vault strategy?

Howdy folks.

I’ve been searching high and low for a plain English explanation of the DAI vault strategy (or all the vaults for that matter.) Links to the vaults strategy all point to etherscan and I don’t possess the ability to parse the code to determine what is happening. I don’t need an ELI5 per se, just a written explanation of the vaults.

If there’s already a repository where all the details reside thank you in advance for a link.

There’s a video for the yETH vault, but if I can’t find a easy to digest diagram, I often find it easier to read transactions of strategies instead of the contract itself if I want to figure out how a strategy works.

An example with the DAI vault:


  1. User deposit DAI
  2. Vault deposits DAI into yCRV
  3. Vault deposits yCRV into yyCRV (yCRV vault)

Profit generation (from reading yCRV vault):

  1. yCRV generates CRV in Curve Y pool
  2. yyCRV swaps CRV generated from yCRV into DAI
  3. Vault mints more yCRV with DAI in yyCRV


  1. Withdrawal goes in the opposite direction yyCRV>yCRV>DAI>user

Also, I think these types of questions are best addressed in the telegram or discord chats. Most people think this forum should only be governance related.


thank you for the response.


You will find a lot of amazing infographics here:

The author is Definn, not me.

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Hey great explanation of the DAI Vault… I think I may know the answer but ill ask anyway…

After checking out the infographic and then later finding this thread, I wonder what my options are?

I had had created a CDP via Maker (Oasis) before I came across yVaults, so I went ahead and deposited my minted DAI straight into a yDAI Vault…

So I am pretty aware that I need to manage my own Maker CDP on Oasis - And from what I can tell, the only way I can do that with my yDAI/Vault yield would be to withdraw from my DAI Vault and manually send the coins to the Oasis Vault.

Obviously the better way to have handled this would be to simply use the yETH Vault - But then I would be paying GAS to get out of this yDAI Vault and the Oasis Vault, to re-enter into the yETH Vault - Which probably makes no sense.

Is there another option?

I have been looking into but doesn’t look like something that will work in this circumstance.

Thanks in advance - BTW I tried to join the discord server but the link has expired.

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I don’t think there’s another option that I know of. You may be able to use to help string some of it together but I’m not sure.

and regarding the discord invite, never expires :slight_smile: