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Hello, not good in tech side. And there are no other ways to ask Mr. Andre about KP3R. Are we expecting something on KP3R for the coming days?

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Probably MetaWallet? Was announced and could come any moment? Also I assume that’s the main “mass-adoption” product many non-techie people wait for


Andre stated in that medium article I posted that 3 systems are coming
One of them is MetaWallet, the other two I don’t know yet

Check the github page for updates. Andre and Antonnell push updates almost daily. (

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Hello everyone, nice to meet you all. Thanks for starting this topic and asking this question Maz-Ter. I’ve read about the MetaWallet feature and I’m pretty excited about it. I have a question regarding the MetWallet:

An associate of mine posted the following:

"My interpretation is that KP3R Metawallet will be gas free. People don’t get it!

Imagine all of us are spending hundreds of dollars every week or month on gas fees. With MetaWallet it will be 0 or close to 0. The KP3R token will have a utility or will be a requirement to use Metawallet, and if that’s the case, everybody who uses Uniswap will buy the token to save gas fees forever. Assuming this is all correct, KP3R will be minimum $1000 per token."

Is the above statement a fair assessment of the utility MetaWallet will bring to the defi space? If so, I cannot see how anyone would not consider that OVERWHEMLINGLY bullish!

It is a technical forum here but I am also trying to understand the logic of the token. I dont think KP3R is needed to use the metawallet but not clear to me. I know that Mr Kronje is not building thing for “speculator” but the piece I still dont get is why would I hold KP3R and what would happen to this project if token goes to 0$… How price affect this project and more generaly the “keeper” who execute task…

There is no incentive to simply hold KP3R. The entire concept with KP3R is to incentive workers aka Keep3rs. Buy KP3R if you seek a bonus for doing work, but the reward not based on holding KP3R it will be based on gas price used to complete jobs.