New Token As Farming Reward

YFI is a scarce governance token. I agree that we should keep YFI emissions very low. However some folks want to keep emitting large amounts of YFI to keep the farming buzz going. Instead why not introduce a new token YFI Gold. Also of the 10 million Yearn Gold that will eventually exist 2 million will be airdropped to current Yearn Holders.:

For: It would allow Yearn to keep emissions up for a long period of time through the issuance of a second token and not dilute the sound money properties of YFI:

Against: A second token may not be needed due to the projects strong fundamentals:

YFI Gold can serve as a way to issue more rewards but without diluting YFI. There will only ever be 10 million YFI Gold:


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We don’t really need a new token. Why not just use yCurve fees collected from the protocol and give to the yield farmers. It provides an incentive to provide liquidity but you don’t need to give them governance tokens.

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Closing this one as not well-thought-out.