Rewards from governance - change to yfi

Is there a reason why governance rewards are in ycrv?

Just want to test the interest here if it is better to reward in yfi. This will also help to create an additional buy pressure for yfi.

Also it will be good to have “claim and stake yfi” in a single transaction. With the current gas fees, it is not “rewarding” for small yfi stakers.

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Looks like changing to yUSD is more popular, even though my preference is yfi.

Are we moving this as YIP?

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I would prefer to have a new token, like this increasing the rewards and we could go trade or vault it. the token should also not only be distributed for the number of tokens that you have in stake but you could have:

  • the more days the YFI is staked, more you get
  • the more you vote, more you get
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