New meme 1 YFI = 1 lambo(/tesla/cybertruck)

As we will be exceeding 1 YFI>1 BTC very soon we need a new meme, so I was thinking the next step is1yfi=1lambo is a great meme. Lambos have been a meme in the BTC community for a while and it would be fun if we would reach 1 lambo before BTC.


1 YFI = 1 Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster with manual gearbox ($400k+)


Would prefer to see YFI = TESLA.

While not as flashy, they are both creation of South African genius.


1 YFI = 1 Tesla Roadster Founder’s Series ($250k)


current price 25 YFI = 1 Tesla Roadster :slight_smile:

Atleast we are not thinking about buying pizza with it :wink:

Great idea, we can start with 1 YFI = 1 Cybertruck (40k$ for the cheap version).


Weak hands will trade 1 YFI for a CyberTruck.

Strong hands are not selling until 1 YFI = 1 Tesla Semi:


Cool, I guess I’m going to be retiring with a fleet of self driving trucks. Not bad.

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We should trade Elon 1 YFI for 1 Tesla when the time comes.

You will be the head of an electric trucking empire.

1 YFI will be worth $500k if it matches the fully diluted marketcap of LINK.

Then you could trade 6 YFI for an EleMMent Palazzo Superior:

The perfect vehicle for going on a roadtrip with your trophy Waifu.


Agreed. If we go the car route Tesla seems most appropriate. I’d still much prefer the 1 YFI = 1 BRK.A
It just fits so perfectly…


That’s utterly fantastic. The whole community will amass an armada of YFI wrapped cars.

1 YFI = 10k Link
“you had 3 months”


we need to think big

when Buffett calls YFI “probably rat poison squared” that’s when you know we made it

1 YFI = 1 BRK/A



Hey, off topic a bit, and sorry, but can I withdraw the yyfi and then buy yfi with it to deposit or stake again? And still have my initial YFI staked and in vault untouched?? Cant seem to find an answer. Thank you.

yYFI is a bearer asset. The address that holds the yYFI can burn it to claim an equivalent amount of YFI from the vault contract.

I’m not sure I understand your question. Could you give an example?

For example:

address A deposits 10 YFI to the vault and receives 10 yyFI in return.

address A sends 5 yYFI to address B

address B can now exchange the 5 yYFI for 5 YFI from the vault.

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I love how Robert birthed all these catchphrases about Yearn :wink:

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Thank you, I understand now. Much appreciated.

Are you referring to Robert Hagstrom?

no. who is that even, lol.
I meant our DeFi Robert:
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