Mithril in YFI ecosystem

What a time for Seigniorage Coins
There are three tokens in the Mithril Cash protocol — Mithril Cash (MIC), Mithril Share (MIS), and Mithril Bond (MIB). Mithril Cash is the stablecoin token in the system with a target value of $1. Mithril Share token holders will be the system’s backbone, providing resources and guidance to the protocol. In return, Mithril Share token holders will receive any new money supply that enters the system. Mithril Cash and Mithril Bond tokens are designed to move in price and guide MIC towards $1. The goal is to keep MIC priced between $0.99-$1.01 in the long run to be a viable stablecoin.

We thank DeFiMorty and DeFiRick for their trailblazing work in Basis Cash. We invite the superstars in the Yearn Finance ecosystem, DeFi communities, and everywhere else to participate in the MIC genesis event. With a strong community of doers, we do not doubt that we will create this very important part of the crypto ecosystem.

Kind words to @Calzone , You made it, Pal.

im also a Yfi Cream ESD, DSD, BAC, FRAX, BAS, FXS, SHARE,
holder staker trader.
With my big boy pants.


Alongside more opium , in for ySeigniorageCoins, maybe on vault2

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