Lets Farm some on some centralized chains

I see the rise of the BNB Smart chain as interesting lets set up some ways to farm these centralized chains and farm the profit back to all #YFI holders. Let’s make this into a treat with ideas of doing so the model where they token and then get new tokens on BNB chain or other centralized chains.


My only question on this would be how to go about it. What currency would the vault be denominated in? Given that ERC20 -> BSC tokens is a centralized process (with a Binance account), that requires centralization and probably a KYC.

It’s a great idea, but I don’t think it’ll be truly possible in a decentralized manner until we get Thorchain up and running, or someone builds a decentralized on/offramp like wBTC cafe bringing BTC to the Ethereum chain.

I would be in favor of a Bridge to the Tron network and farming on there.

Tron is EVM Compatible and very similar to Ethereum, so a lot of clones of successful projects end up on Tron. Gas is also very cheap on the Tron network considering they use Delegated Proof of Stake.

I would be in favor of a Eth Vault that farms on Tron, but first we would need Wrapped Ether on Tron

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Binance smart chain is EVM compatible also, so if something gets worked out for Tron, itll work for BSC


Add all top 30 top to 50, BFT consensus engine, such as Fantom, Solana, algorand, ibc, Cosmos, Ava, Rune, Theta
We have the best experts lead tech advisors on board for this task :
@andre.cronje @banteg
Who previously build in them and deep dive and still insiders.

Insane apy, we can barely imagine, if all collected and aggregate.


Agreed then we just suck all value out off #Tron and sync back to #ETH