Job competition and Autotask frequency

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Link of the same topic on OpenZeppelin forum : Some answers have been given by OpenZepplin Team, thanks to them. They invite me to expose my issue on this forum, want I’ m doing now.

I take a look to the interaction with the diferents Jobs Contract on Etherscan, and a lot of address which realise the jobs use a very high amount of transaction fee and Gas fee. You can see it for all interaction with the contract :

  • UniswapV2SlidingOracle :
    it’s the same for others contract, but I’m a new user and I can’t post more than 2 link. Here are the contracts adresses If you want to take a look on Etherscan :slight_smile:
  • Keep3rV1Oracle : 0x73353801921417f465377c8d898c6f4c0270282c
  • HegicPoolKeep3r : 0x5DDe926b0A31346f2485900C5e64c2577F43F774
  • YearnV1EarnKeep3r : 0xe7F4ab593aeC81EcA754Da1B3B7cE0C42a13Ec0C

There is always transactions canceled, always with an amount of fee realy low (2$ or 3$) and the address which win the transaction put between 25$ and 30$ of transaction fees.

It is often the sames fiew addresses that manage to carry out the jobs, with high transaction costs and very often one transaction launched before the others.
So, is the usefulness of Open Defender and of running Autotask once every 2 minutes really useful in diversifying the realization of Jobs?
Or is it better to have your house code which runs every 5 seconds (or 1 second, or 0.1 second) and which allows you to earn KP3R?

Because if the solution to realize job is just put 0.08 ETH in transaction fee, is easy to make, but not really usefull for the community in my mind.


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Haha, had the same thoughts and was writing it all up @ Bot war: Failing txs while you posted this topic.

I see they also came up with the throttle/timeout idea at the OpenZeppelin forums, I’m running behind the facts with my ideas and topics, haha!

Just consider this as a +1, I also think community-wise this isn’t feasible because after a few failed tx’s people won’t bother competing with the bots anymore, leaving the same bots winning every job.

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