Is there a vault index option?

Just wondering if I’m missing some knowledge.

Is it possible to use a starting coin and select a % of funds per vault (kind of like an index investing approach I spose). I can’t seem to find an easy way to start with a single coin (lets use ETH as an example) to then use multiple vaults without having to make multiple trades into the relevant vault deposit coins (example: Starting with ETH, and using equal % or specific % of that ETH spread out over selected/every vault).

The goal here I have to start with x coin, and end with x coin, without having to transact to the vault’s default starting coin. (Is this an AMM development opportunity between starting coin and vault starting coin?)

Is there some sort of approach like this?


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Soon you can hold this pool token which would give you yield from 4 yearn vaults at once. CIP 16 New Curve Pool There isn’t such a thing afaik right now.

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