Information on Yearn strategy/goals/values

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Is there a site or document that details what Yearn’s goals are? In corpo land it’d be known as a mission statement… It would typically cover why Yearn exists, what it wants to achieve, who it is for, what it does etc… Haven’t been able to find one in the docs or forum searches.

FYI I’m a graphic and UX designer and I’m starting a research project on a DeFi service (for my own development and learning, but will share whatever I come up with). Tracheopteryx’s appearances on podcasts attracted me to look into Yearn.

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As a intro, I would check out the blue pill and how we think about Yearn. Also, you can find more info on our public notion page. Generally, the Yearn DAO is focused on improving, maintaining, and iterating/expanding on Yearn’s products.

Glad to hear you heard and liked @tracheopteryx talks! Feel free to reach out if you ever have any more questions.


Thanks a million for the information, I’ll check the links out!

Edit: Just went through The Blue Pill. That’s a beautiful document!