Crowdsourcing Guiding Principles & OKRs

Now that we have a budget passed and general 6 month goal, it is a good time to further the discussion around identifying the mission, guiding principles, and OKRs that can align the various vectors of the Yearn ecosystem.

Am attaching some prompting questions that you can answer directly or simply use as a foundation for your own ideas. Please respond thoughtfully.

What mission and/or guiding principles do you see as core to Yearn’s success?

What is one most important Objective Yearn could achieve in the next 1, 3, 10 years?

What are 3 Key Results that would demonstrate an outstanding achievement with respect to your most important Objective?

Please also see this wonderful post by @Arcturus Guiding Principles

  • Mission: Develop yield opportunities to sustainably maximize cashflow for liquidity providers
  • Objective: Develop yield opportunity flow
  • Create a system to develop more creators of high quality yield generation opportunities
  • Create a system to help said creators develop viable, secure, sustainable yield opportunities
  • Create a system to maximize the longevity of all yield opportunities with value to be captured by Yearn

Develop/investigate possible gassless governance solutions (votation of YIPs).


DeFi, made simple.
Allowing everyone even normies with small capital to tap into DeFi and earn a better and safer yield than anything on the market.

1 year:
Simplify the UI/UX and make the best documentation so that we don’t have people who are into Crypto posting this kind of questions on the forum:

Create an unifying branding for the whole Yearn ecosystem, make it multi-lang (we desperately need to attract the east, so Chinese, Japanese languages at least)

Create language specific areas on the forum. More support for users, more moderators.

Accrue the TVL with the use of additional vaults (ETH + SNX would be a great start, maybe DOT as well at one point and ATOM, we should consider opening to cross-chain strategies)

That would be already a big goal for the 12 next months.

TVL increasing regularly, number of registered and active users on the forum, number of social indicators (followers, tweets per months etc…), community growth as a whole. Total number of operations in the Yearn ecosystem.


I really like that we are putting some thought into where are we heading.

My take:

Mission: Finance made simple

Integrated everywhere, from normies to institutions.
To be a core structure, deeply inrooted into the new economic system (be it ethereum, cross-chain, tradfi-defi bridges, whatever)

Random thoughts regarding the timeline:

1 year:

  • Go hard on security audits, ux and comms

  • Heavily communicate both benefits of y ecosystem and the ygov development (proposals, voting, etc) on monthly update, maybe the monthly kirby dispatch

  • Unified experience for governance

  • More support on onboarding channels (twitter, tg, discord)

  • Add a Discord bot (we could get the creator of SNX discord bot to make us one with a grants from DAO or from operations budget) so the community can invoke commons answers quickly. There is a bounty program on SNX for adding the FAQs, that could work here too.

  • Coordination of translation efforts into a unified multilang wiki

  • Integration with other products like zappier (dharma, argent, zerion, etc)

  • YFI-Combinator: Fund Nansen and take them to the next level (and us with them!)

3 years:

  • A sub-organization with a formal front end (Ycorp?) is born. It aims to organize and streamline all the institutional capital flooding into the Y ecosystem. It hasn’t had to look for new clients in months, always busy. AUM is taken to the next level.

  • “Just Y it” is widely accepted slang among normies for optimal financial decisions regarding capital allocation

  • When YFI flipped BRK.A seems like a distant meme. Since the meme faded away Warren has come back to the forums to shitpost.

10 years:

  • YFI has decided to cap the AUM to keep planetary economic balance, lots of countries are salty because they couldn’t get in and have to wait until next cap lifting.

  • Blue Kirby is president of some island state in Polinesia

  • The last yearly party at Tokyo broke the internet VR live stream

  • 1 YFI gets you 1 spot in mars colony (including r/t tickets)

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