Incentivizing Kp3r Holders

@andre.cronje, As a suggestion, and i guess its good for the health of the network, what if you consider incentivizing for kp3r holders. To clarify this, let say, Bob holds some kp3r for certain amount of time, then Bob plays some part in maintaining the health of the network. So, I would suggest here at least to reward or somehow to incentivize the holder based on how much he contributes to the network(holding amount) and the time of holding, which seems for me, both Proof Of Holding(POH) and Proof of Time(POT). Thanks, but sorry if it sounds some stupid idea.

The goal is not to incentivize holding, the goal is to incentivize work.


But you know that in RL people work not just to earn anything / dirt, but work “more” / better to earn assets which at least hold their value or even increase value. That’s how capitalism works? Always leaning towards value. And workforce also goes that path

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