How much do strategy makers earn?

From the FAQ Docs:

What is the process for getting my strategy onto yearn?

  • Post it on the forum and if it gets approved it will be used in the vaults and you can get paid for it.

How is compensation calculated? For strategy makers and codifiers?

It is your decision as the strategy maker, you could make a 90% fee Strategy and if it gets accepted you would get paid that amount.

For StrategyMKRVaultDAIDelegate the creator chose 10% for example.

Brilliant! Thank you @FiveBoroughs :pray:t2:

What’s the best way to find current and historical strategy maker fees?

A bit off the topic, but is there a minimum post requirement here to be able to propose a strategy?

Hey, we discourage support questions on governance forum. Join Telegram or Discord to get community help.

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