Strategists rewards

As far as I am aware strategists are still getting half of the performance fee. I have tremendous respect for yearn contributors but It seems to me that this is extremely detrimental for the protocol both because from yearn point of view is it gross overpay and because it set standards for plutocratic governance.
I think it is fair to say that:
-Strategist rewards should be capped per vault
-At this point the protocol does not need to pay anyone for putting funds on curve or convex.

I understand the argument that we want to pay best money for best strategy but brushing away the problem under this premise is IMO acting in bad faith. It’s time for yearn to open the discussion again and choose the opotion which is best for the protocol not just for the contributors.


agree with this - strat reward should be capped per vault. A no brainer this is needed to align incentives. This should foster strat innovation too.


my naive understanding is that yearn needs more strategists not less. but imo it might be interesting
to see comp packages that align more strategists more closely to the overall dao (ie with yfi).


Well, I agree. Strategist rewards should be capped.

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