How i action next?

i’m newbie here

can i edit more?

Please remove this screenshot. You can partially make out the private key, which reduces the security of your wallet by a ton. (I even told people not to reply with screenshots asking for help…)

I recommend following the edit I made on [Guide] How to run a Keep3r on OpenZeppelin Defender for free - Projects / Keep3r -

The openzeppelin team will provide a much more secure method than I described. Just be patient. There isn’t much to miss out on yet.

I’m going crazy. Because of this website( that binds my money, I am trying to figure out how to mine kp3r. But even those methods are not properly described, so beginners are frustrated.
I think it’s great that I have to wait 14 days to put 12 kp3r in here and withdraw my money.

Documentation is available here


You can ask questions in the keeper channel in the yfi discord.

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