Feb 2020 "hack"

Hi all,

I am an academic working on a timeline of Yearn. I am working my way through the history and most of it I can follow well (thanks to Andre’s clear examples on Medium and the FAQs).

I am a little confused what the final conclusion about the Feb 2020 “hack” where some users interacted with a live but unannounced smart contract. In the post-mortem I can’t tell whether the conclusion is (a) some users were trying to front run and kind of messed up, (b) some users gamed the system successful (or partially so), or © we don’t know/it’s too ambiguous because we can’t infer their intentions based on the data.

it would help a lot to have an answer because this is afaik the first time people tried to frontrun Yearn contracts and that gives them some historical importance. I can’t imagine it being a major part of the story, that comes later, but it’s some solid lore.


bump No insight on this?

Can you provide a link to what you are talking about specifically? What hack are you talking about. Users interacting with unannounced smart contracts happens all the time with yearn.