Create a HUSD vault


Create a HUSD vault to attract HUSD holders to stake and earn rewards.


Should this proposal be enacted, a HUSD vault will be created,which can provide the community more assets options ,which can increase levels of diversity among other mainstream stablecoins.


  1. As Yearn has supported many other mainstream stablecoins, HUSD can be the next one. Since in terms of circulating supply, HUSD has ranked #6. (with a market cap of $288M)
  1. In early October, GUSD and HUSD meta pools was available on Cruve. GUSD vault is already available on Yearn now by implementing Curve strategy, HUSD can use the same strategy to farm and earn rewards.
  1. More stablecoins from different issuer, under different custodian with different user market can lower down the systematic risk.


  1. In the early stage, HUSD vault can use the same strategy as GUSD.
  2. As HUSD paris has been supported by Mooniswap liquidity mining, once the program is officially started, more stategy can be considerated.

About HUSD
Category: U.S. dollar backed strablecoin
Issuer: Stable Universal limited
Custodian: Paxos Trust
Backed by: U.S. Dollar, 1:1 ratio
Audit: Withum, monthly
Year of Issuance:July,2019
Smart Contract: $0.05 | HUSD (HUSD) Token Tracker | Etherscan

For: Create a HUSD vault with the Curve HUSD meta pool strategy.

Against:No change.

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Some data about HUSD, to expain why it’s still profitable to add HUSD, since GUSD, TUSD has also been supported before.

Market Cap And Volume:

source: Stablecoin s | CryptoSlate

HUSD Yield Farming sample: