YIP-68: Rotate multisig signers


Replace the three least active multisig signers with new people. After an open call and careful consideration, we’ve selected three candidates: 0xngmi, monoloco, and lefteris.


The multisig has been effectively operating as 6 of 6-7 with two signers being inactive and another one too busy with his own project. We appreciate their service, but we got to a threshold where we need another rotation. Here are the signing rates over the last two months, since 2022-04-13 till 2022-06-13.

klim       100.0
cp0x        99.0
banteg      98.0
daryl       91.0
mariano     88.0
leo         77.0
--- cut here ---
vsh         39.0
devops       6.0
ryan         2.0


Replace vsh, devops, ryan with 0xngmi, monoloco, and lefteris.

Signal vote

Replace 3 multisig singers?
  • Yes
  • No

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100% for that!
we need some flexibility among multisigners, 6 out of 7 works hard enough.
Candidates looks awesome!

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Love the picks. Don’t know of mono but the other two are proven and trustworthy.

Curious, how were these candidates identified? What is the process?

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0xngmi good selection

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Voting is live Snapshot


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