Yield farming on L2 (Matic)

Hey guys,

since a few days the yield farming on the MATIC layer 2 exchange “Quickswap” started. Since yesterday I dipped my feet into it and it´s really nice to be honest. The exchange is super fast and a good example how the future of DEX can look like. I made like over 100 TX and didn´t even pay a penny in tx cost with near instant execution. Really different experience.

Now, I´m far from being a whale and I didn´t put too much liquidity into the protocoll. But still I´m able to move the market as I like and I´m in mid to high single digits in terms of contributing the the UNI/XXX pools which brings some nice and consistent QUICK harvest. (lol what a wordplay)

Judging from liquidity I guess there is little awareness about this opportunity. So I figured, I´d tell my fellow yearners and maybe you want to join. We could build a syndicate and corner the market for while, especially on the USDC/QUICK pool… :wink:

Am I right in the assumption that L2 yield farming can not be automated on-chain?



These are the links you need for best results:



I was pretty interested in MATIC and xDAI about 2 weeks ago. But I didn’t find the bridge simple at that time. So I converted a handful of my BNB and have been also playing on BSC in pancakeswap with like 100USD, its so fast, smooth, cheap.
But I am pretty interested in the other non B layer 2s (BSC is not really layer 2)

yeah it´s not that intuitive at first, but after you invest somewhere between 3-6 hours it becomes second nature. By now I don´t feel the difference anymore and I spend more time on Quickswap then on Uniswap. I begin to wish there was more tokens and liquidity on Quickswap/Honeyswap because the trading is just awesome there.

When this picks up steem say goodbye to centralized exchanges. There is literally no reason to use them anymore except for fiat onramp/offramp.

I can highly recommend to get used to the bridging process. It´s the only way DeFi can scale in the short term and the opportunities are huge because it is a bit more involved. I´m still collecting like 2% of daily QUICK issuance due to my liquidity provision. And I didn´t bet the farm, so there is ample room for anyone to join. :slight_smile: