Yearn dao test - aragon

as i mentioned on the other dao thread i have been playing around with aragon to see if it would be suitable for us to build a yfi-governed dao.

behold ! waifu1.aragonid.eth

i got the dao to the point where i can start inviting people to join and test. it’s on the rinkeby currently so i just gave myself permission to mint tokens for anyone who wants to join the dao and test. i also gave myself permission to burn tokens in case enough people disengage that we consistently fail to make quorum… which brings me to the current dao settings.

the voting app is set up almost identical to the current dao: 50% support, 15% min. approval (equivalent to 30% quorum when using 50% support setting), 8 hour vote durations. we can change these settings if we decide we want to, but i figured 8 hour vote duration would give people enough time to get the notification and vote.

that brings me to the next point: if you do decide to join, turn on email notifications so that you can get an email whenever a vote starts. to turn on notifications click the gear icon in the top right of the aragon dapp then hit the notification button in the menu. it’ll be clear from there what to do to finish setting that up.

what can you do once you join the dao?

  • you can create new polls using the voting app. just click “new vote” then ask a yes/no question. then other token holders will be able to answer yes/no on the poll. these kinds of votes are only informative, they don’t result in any specific action on-chain.

  • you can deposit funds and propose to make a withdrawal using the finance app. i airdropped a bunch of test tokens into the dao so you can propose to send yourself some test tokens and have other token holders vote whether to approve the withdrawal or not.

  • you can propose a dividend distribution using the rewards app. this will send a one-time or recurring dividend distribution in the amount specified divided proportionally among all token holders.

  • you can use the agent app to interact with any other smart contract on behalf of the dao (!) you can use the aragon cli to do this if you are comfortable with the command line or you can use frame which is like an alternative to metamask that also supports signing transactions on behalf of aragon daos ! there are only a few dapps on rinkeby that we can test with right now but if someone wants to deploy the yearn contracts to rinkeby we could also test upgrading the contracts using the dao.

if you are interested to join the dao and try it out share your rinkeby eth address as a reply on this thread and i’ll mint you some tokens.

everyone who shares their address will get 100 tokens. remember to turn on email notifications so you know when to vote on txs! and if you do create a proposal, post a link to it in this thread with some more information about it so we can make an informed decision whether to vote yes :ballot_box_with_check: or no :x:

if we like the experience then we can move on to discuss how to hook up the mainnet yearn contracts to a real mainnet aragon dao ! yfi ftw !!


0x07C17cbF671255215c38515757Acbf39765BD71a Thank you, I would love to give it a try and learn

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hi @besmitten thank you for your interest ! i have minted you 100 test-yfi.

welcome to the waifu dao :star_struck: make yourself at home, have fun :woman_cartwheeling:

thanks @misato, I’d love to try it!

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minted 100 test $yfi for @tracheopteryx :tada: welcome to waifu dao !

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btw @tracheopteryx i notice you did not have rinkeby eth so i sent you some. should be enough for at least a few dao txs. gas prices are really cheap on rinkeby so everything should go through fine with 1 gwei gas price, to conserve your rinkeby eth. lmk if you end up needing more !

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oh wow, thanks! forgot to fund that wallet, much appreciated kind friend :bowing_man:t2:‍♂

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i wanted to update the first post with this info but the forum software won’t let me so here is some more info about the dao.

documentation for the apps that are installed on the dao
what each of the apps does and how to use them:

rinkeby dapps to test using agent
if you want to test the agent app, here are a couple of apps on rinkeby you can try. if you know of any other dapps on rinkeby we should test, reply to this comment and let us know !


i opened a proposal to pay myself 69 spank tokens as compensation for setting up the waifu dao ^.^

if no one votes “no” then, based on current token ownership and voting settings, the proposal will pass.


cool, I enacted it. enjoy your reward!

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Please sir…

(I have a rinkeby faucet request processing, just some testnet YFI pls).

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that’s “please ma’am” for misato :wink: welcome to waifu dao !




i created a new proposal for a 100 MKR dividend to reward all early members of waifu dao. if approved the reward will be split between all token holders proportional to their holdings at the time the proposal was created.

time to vote :ballot_box:


Wow, misato, what an extraordinary gesture. I’m speechless. I voted yes and am in deep gratitude. Waifu DAO forever!!! <3 <3 <3


I am going to fully own that I thought this was real MKR — haven’t used test nets before :grimacing:

Thanks for the experience of having a stranger give me 20k! I enjoyed that quite a bit.


haha you’re welcome but also sorry to disappoint :sweat_smile:

good news is the vote passed so you can collect your (testnet) MKR dividend in the rewards app:


whats the status of the aragon dao?

This was just a test and it is currently not being used in any official capacity.