Whats happens with snx rewards from crvEURS vault

Whats happens with snx rewards from vault ? Yearn State of the Vaults #17 states that the snx will we sold and used to buy more crvEURS. When analyzing the contracts is see no logic to handle the snx rewards. And when analyzing the harvest transactions(for example 0x8fccf74c8790911d369e32ef5d492cd4c54fc89cf82b5da85890af3749ae08d7 ) they are send to 0xf147b8125d2ef93fb6965db97d6746952a133934 and as can be seen here https://etherscan.io/token/0xc011a73ee8576fb46f5e1c5751ca3b9fe0af2a6f?a=0xf147b8125d2ef93fb6965db97d6746952a133934 have not been used.
If someone could provide more info i would be very great full or point out if i missed something


The vault is accuring snx but currently cannot sell them. The snx is not included in the apy calculations, and the vault needs to be updated to be able to sell them. This is something the team is working on.