Use yearn NFT's to unlock bonus yields

There are great examples of use on other platforms for nft’s. Stakedao for example is giving holders of their nft’s access to high yielding strategies (better APR etc, crosschain strategies etc) to increase stickiness to using yearn products, platform and to reward long term users. There’s huge scope for use of yearn nft’s. Yearn nft’s could be valued based on rarity. Each one offering better yields. Early access to new strategies etc. Endless possibilities. All you need is to have a yearn nft in your wallet and it can be cross chain. Some examples that come to mind:

  • Unlock early access to vaults depending on rarity of yearn nft. e.g farmer -1% fees to celestial sphere -5% fees)
    *Early access to high yield vaults
    *Early access to cross chain strategies
    *Cheaper rate from Iron Bank
    Some could be temporary like for 2 weeks all yield on strategy X is doubled.

It creates valus for yearn nft’s. Adds another stream to get users involved

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