Should the minting multi-sig be responsible for managing vault strategies?

I think we should hand over the Controller Address to a multi-sig that can swiftly change vault strategies when needed and use community funds to call the harvest functions in a timely manner (if needed). I think the minting multi-sig (6 of 9) has too few people on it to always be updating the strategies in a timely manner. Are there enough people to update the strategies at all times of the day and night when needed? And do they want this responsibility?

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I don’t think it should be Andre’s job to manage the vault strategies and pay the gas costs out of his pocket. He needs to focus on just building. I think we should come up with a managing body of people to deal with this, and pay the gas costs from the community fee pool.


I would like another multi-sig to be responsible for managing vault strategies. A board of “strategy managers” could be created by voting on the inclusion of each member. Each member would control one key of the multi-sig, having a final vote on the approval for each strategy.
This would allow strategies to respond fast to market changes without needing for only one person to control it.
Governance proposals could define the number of members in the board, the minimum time of mandate and other macro governance parameters.


Yes we could select people based on their backgrounds and contributions so far. We need the top people in charge of this.

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