[Proposal] Transparency for Vault Fees


Improve public-facing visibility of Fees on Vaults


  • Current Vault Fee structures are dependent on multiple variables (including difficulty/complexity), and thus, have different Strategist and Fee structures.
  • A recent reduction in Fees has created a 0/10 Fee structure for most Vaults:
    Banteg Fee Structures
  • However, Fee structures for Vaults are difficult to find, and not readily available for quick reference to Yearn Users.


Due to the evolutionary growth of Yearn’s Fee structures, there is a lack of transparency on the Fee structures for each given Vault.
A move to greater transparency will provide another dataset that Yearn and Users can both utilize in their investment decisions, and will be helpful in making additional improvements to Yearn’s strategies & tokenomics in the future.

There have also been community members in Discord requesting the Fees be made more publicly available and/or changed (including a call to a 0/10 Performance-only Fee structure).
With the Fee structures more accessible, Yearn and the Community will be able to re-evaluate existing Performance/Management Fees currently being assessed, and discuss how to better address these Fee structures going forward.


Ideas to promote visibility:

  • Integrate fee structures to UI on yearn.finance/vaults.
  • Add hyperlink directing to a detailed breakdown of Fee structures per Vault at end of “Fees” section on Yearn Vaults.
    A quick(?) fix: https://yearn.watch/
  • “Warnings” seem to be identifying invalid values and “zero” for Performance Fees and Management Fees, and therefore it appears those datasets are already being tracked/identified. Could this be used to reference and assign Fee values to the Vaults? See pic for reference:
    Yearn Watch Management Fees

Identify and integrate Fee structures for each Vault so they are easy to find by the average Yearn User.

Leave as-is.



this has been implemented in the new vaults interface Yearn Vaults


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