Proposal: Simple 3 Step Plan for DeFi + BTC


Some of the best news about DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is around one metric: TVL (Total Value Locked), which has from small beginnings skyrocketed from $1.1b to $6.8b in under 45 days. It’s a great start! Now consider: BTC mcap is around $200b as of this writing. Obviously, the wider financial markets are orders of magnitude bigger, however we have an opportunity to secure a great symbolic victory for DeFi here which can knock over a lot of other dominos.


Capturing the BTC segment for TVL is huge. Here’s how YFI can harpoon DeFi’s Moby Dick:

  • Start BTC farms (execute on multi step strategy in upcoming YIP)
  • Reskin UX (get something in place and iteratively improve on it - approaches in progress)
  • Market the fully passive BTC farm to holders who want yields to increase their BTC holdings. (needs to be clarified, thoughts and feedback requested)


  • Secure a great symbolic victory for DeFi by opening the floodgates for BTC investors to participate passively on Ethereum
  • Continuously add prime quality collateral into the Ethereum ecosystem, especially when RenBTC is accepted as MakerDAO collateral very soon



  • Organic twitter campaigns
  • PR through media channels
  • (pending further input)


  • FOR: YES! Accelerate the plan to capture BTC TVL market share.
  • Against: Don’t capture the biggest TVL opportunity in crypto before anyone else.
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I would do:
-1. ETH
-2. BTC (together with the Yinsurance as BTC ppl are more conservative)
3. FIAT: It would be the biggest boom for me to accept FIAT and to convert it in BTC/ETH/Stable Coin or whatever and to start having incredible apy right away.

Here in Europe, you get 0% or -% in your money, if people had the chance to gain 50%-100% apy on their fiat deposit, this would be the boom effect for new investors.

  • Devs are already working on ETH as we speak :slight_smile:
  • Agreed on embedded insurance policy
  • AAVE will be an interesting contributor there

I agree - aligning ourselves with the best in the lending space right now is important. Aave IMO is doing this lending protocol right and the moat they have created to retain users is just phenomenal and Stani needs to be credited for this.

Aave in their tokenomics and governance also resemble an approach that I feel would be suited to the way Yearn could run. If anything we could learn a lot from the Aave Team and Stani in general.

Yearn needs to be seen and feel complementary to these protocols and working together like this is the first right step, given the situation with Curve the discussion now is what if a protocol locked us out with code?