[Proposal] Move treasury KP3R-ETH to Alpha Homora


Withdraw liquidity from Uniswap and move to Alpha Homora


Higher yield

For: Move liquidity
Against: Leave as is


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more details please,i’m confused at how to earn ALPHA

Link to site please.

I’ve been using Alpha Homora for a while now and the experience has been great. The yield on the ETH/KP3R pair is over 100% at the moment farming at 1x. I’m for this proposal at the current 1x farming rate.

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Are you suggesting that the move to AH is at 1x leverage?

Let’s go , its a backed fin-ops affair,actually.

I don’t get it. Right now the shown APR on Alpha Homora only corresponds to the trading fees, so it should be more or less the same as shown here : https://info.uniswap.org/pairs. So I don’t see any advantage putting liquidity there right now (but this could change if they enable leverage for the pair)

@andre.cronje, you have my good to go to move the treasury for
The new model
With the current utilization rate (~50%), the borrowers will pay a slightly lower interest rate, and lenders will receive a slightly lower interest rate. However, this should provide incentives for borrowers to borrow more assets, driving up the utilization rate, which would increase the interest rate for lenders.
The model’s target utilization rate is 80-90%, where the borrowers pay no extra interest rate (fixed at 10%)

  • This optimal rate provides enough room for lenders to withdraw their supplied assets while efficiently utilizing the supplied asset.
  • The interest rate spikes up towards the end to discourage too high of a utilization rate (to prevent a situation where asset lenders cannot withdraw them due to over-utilization)

Liquidity migrated to ibETH and KP3R. Closing this thread for now