[Proposal] Implementation of Coordinape for Keep3r


  • Objective is to widen the resource pool available to the product dev team to support on non-technical tasks through implementation of coordinape
  • Purpose of resource pool will be to support with admin, documentation, how-to’s, updates of external info etc. (Similar to implementation applied in other protocols)
  • Establish a fund to compensate Contributors for their time & efforts


The community surrounding keeper platform has been supportive in building tools, unoffical guides and supporting other users with relevant or needed information. Whilst the dedicated and efficient moderator team on discord and telegram are doing an excellent job, there are significant opportunities and benefits to deeper coordination and incentivization of contribtions for the growing platform. These tasks and contributions are becoming increasingly critical for what is, a complex and sophisticated product with multiple & evolving revenue streams with interdependencies on third party integrations (oracles) or relationships to other protocols (Iron Bank, Curve, Convex, Yearn and soon, Solidly), and therefore should be considered essential for onboarding new users in support of platform growth.

With fixedforex soon to launch on fantom network, and thekeep3r network due to go live on more chains imminently, more new users and investors are likely to come onboard, therefore now would be a good time to widen up the resource pool in support of the dev and leadership teams. Additionally a new tokenomics model is planned for deployment which may require some efforts to successful translate benefits to vested holders or holders that plan to vest.


Since launch keeper and fixedforex (originally ibFF) have continued to rapidly evolve and expand. The products have been able to successfully grow in part through the quality of the product but also, in part, through the efforts dedicated community members are making to promote, educate, inform and support the userbase.

Since these community supporters are already engaged & have already been making meaningful contributions this proposal would validate and give credibility to the role they are already making, whilst offering a pathway for any additional contributers to join in future support of the team/protocol.

The discord group can add a channel to onboard any new resources looking to contribute non-technical tasks/work.


Funding for these contribution efforts should be left TBD whilst a temperature gauge is taken in support of this proposal

Compensation of moderators / admins of support groups could also, optionally, be folded into this proposal if deemed appropriate

Temperature gauge:

Please provide comments or interest in supporting this proposal below

  • Yes
  • No

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Additional Comments & Disclosures:

  • Cordinape has already been utilized in other protocols within the yearn ecosystem (see partners listed here) - Andre should already be very familar :grinning:
  • No futher disclosures to make (no offical role within keep3r team or fixedforex)
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This would definitely benefit Keep3r.

Both Keep3r Network & Fixed Forex are hard to understand when compared with typical projects. There need to be more contributors offering educational articles/videos/chats/Spaces to allow more potential users to onboard both protocols.


Since making this proposal i’ve recieved a few questions privately & thought it might be useful to share the responses within this posting:

Has anything like this been done before?

Yes, most notably with yearn & cream finance tried to do something similar leveraging the user/community for contributions

Why doesn’t proposal included details of funding or how mechanisms to compensate would work?

At this stage of proposal it’s important to gauge interest of team & community in understanding whether there is support for developing considerations in these areas further

What types of additional work/contribtions could be added as in-scope?

Flexibility to add further non-technical work or tasks is an essential strength of this approach, meaning that in future things like educational video content, user guides or translation of materials could all be outsourced to the community whilst the team can/could maintain some control over what types of content or contribtions are needed, whilst being able to provide some guidance, control or oversight as deemed appropriate.

Is the intent for this proposal to only serve for non-technical work/contributions to the internal platforms of fixed forex & keep3r network or is it intended as an expansion of the scope of keep3r jobs?

This proposal is only for the internal platforms.

Doesn’t keep3r & fixedforex already benefit from having these contributions made at zero cost?

Some previous contributions have received one-off compensation payments, whilst others have been made at zero cost. As fixed forex and the keep3r network continue to grow these contributions and their upkeep become an increasingly more important element in ensuring the successes of the platforms. Therefore it may make sense to formalize these contributions in a consistent way, ensuring that demand from new users is met. It is envisioned that such contributions would not have a significant impact on costs for the protocols, and that any costs could reasonably be expected to be offset by increased user growth


Compensate contributors like Adam Cochran and Jack Niewald (sp?)

Great idea. Increase awareness and understanding!

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No, this wouldn’t be a fund to pay for sponsored content, but rather a way to create more official content on behalf of the team

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Dude I’m so grateful for the clarification and your response.

Separately, your profile NFT is insanely Bangin’:eyes:


sadly, that’s just a shameless JPG copypasta :joy:

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It was totally worth copying then! 🏋🏻‍♀️😂

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I think that part of the successes of KP3R has been the constant education material shared by this non-tech content/customer service team. It’s a token that involves many techs, and it’s quite hard for people to get around. I’m sure that their posts, discord, and tweeter activity have helped people on board the project. How to prove it? Some ideas:

  • Increase of people vesting their vKP3R from the creation of content.
  • Awareness: metrics with the correlation of the price token and the page views on medium
  • How Un-official FAQ has helped lower the repeated number of questions for the core team to reply.

These are just some ideas. With these metrics in hand, people will understand the importance of your work from a qualitative perspective.

Now, changing gears, and this might be for another prop: How to distribute such contributions in a fair way?

I haven’t looked for a while coordinape. I think that their voting mechanism is not very objective concerning the team’s effort. I suggest using Coordinape with the following mechanism:

  1. Decide a common :star: NorthStar for 1-3months: updating vekp3r
  2. Non-tech team members present an objective: create awareness of ve model.
  3. Non-tech team members present an expected key result: 5 articles published on medium around the topic.
  4. Assign a number of KP3R for the task.
  5. People vote from all the presented OKRs (objective key results) the most relevant.
  6. If yours gets voted by 3 team members, you have work to get done!
  7. At the end of the year Q, if you completed such expected results, the 3 members that voted can verify that such work was done accordingly and confirm you reached 100% of the goal. (OKRs are considered successful reached when hitting a 70% completion).
  8. You get paid automatically.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it really helps to get the conversation going on this topic and helps develop the initial idea further. You’re correct in thinking that some of the motivation here but actually I was thinking about this from several angles;

  • lowering distractions for the core team so that they can focus on more critical tasks
  • reducing any need for promotional spend (which anyway, I am not a fan of an think leads to a bit of a “let’s pump” mentality that doesn’t sit right with the vision for the protocol
  • a way to formalize the role of some community supporters, who have been helpful on answering queries & on-boarding users. Who are, imo, adding value to the community but present a risk because if their contributions end would leave a big gap (I don’t even wanna consider how worse off we’d be without 0xSato around to guide folks - not that I think he’s going anywhere. :crossed_fingers:)
  • attract new contributors & contributions from the community as these users have often already done the leg work to understand the platform and would be incentivized to make good/userful content. Notably, there is currently an absence of any video or translated content which seems like it would be highly appreciated, especially for non-english speaking users - a natural demand cycle is in place for this due to the fact the platform offers assets attractive to non-english speaking territories

For these reasons I’d rather it wasn’t correlated in any way to an increase in token price.

A growth in user comfort and understanding, for me, would be the ultimate goal and I think that likely this could be achieved via this proposal with comparatively little cost overhead

With regards to coordinate, those are some interesting points and it’s good to start a discussion on these. If anyone else has prior experience using this tool, then feel free to jump in.

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Hi all,

Thanks for the inputs and the votes received. It does seem that the community is generally receptive to this idea. I now feel the time is right to close this thread and focus on working through a thorough proposal including voting options for how this may be funded.

Please watch out for a proposal v2 in the coming days that is inclusive of these options & looks to tighten the scope a little. Proposal v2 would be the version recommended for moving forward towards snapshot, if applicable.

Thanks again for sharing thoughts and constructive inputs!