[Proposal] Gnosis Safe App

Add a yEarn app for Gnosis Safe

Create a Gnosis Safe App that allows multisig wallet users to do the following actions:

  1. Deposit funds from their Safe into yVaults
  2. See their current value, yield since depositing, expected return, and other useful metrics
  3. Withdraw when they need funds back (or pay to other accounts), with a disclaimer on the fees they would accumulate by doing so
  4. Other management functions, as necessary

Gnosis Safe is the most popular multi-sig/high security wallet on the market right now. It is used for hundreds of millions of cryptocurrency deposits, mostly for important dev teams in the space. Adding a Safe App for Gnosis Safe, especially with the upcoming WalletConnect integration, will make it easy for these teams and other large hodlers to deposit their treasuries into yVaults to tap into extra yield on their deposits.

I think the passive nature of using yVault is perfectly suited for these types of users! As one of them myself (we use Gnosis Safe to manage Vyper development funds), I know that this is something that I would use, especially given how terrible I am at trading.

I think the Compound Safe App is pretty close to what we’d want, with the characteristic yEarn design added to it.


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Definitely “FOR”. I think this will be useful for both side: Gnosis users will be able to receive interest on their funds and yearn users will get additional yVault users who use multisg.


Yup…would be a win win for all parties :slight_smile:


Does Yearn have a dev focused on wallet integrations? A yVault app on every wallet (Argent, Zapper, Status, Brave Browser, etc.) would be awesome.

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Why is this a proposal? Asked devs on discord to jump on this one!


Let’s do it, all for more integrations.


“The Gnosis Safe Multisig is the clear leader when it comes to a product that balances usability, security, and self-custody.”

Taylor Monahan @tayvano
Founder & CEO, MyCrypto