Proposal: Create an Unistake vault + Strategies

Summary :

Proposal to add and create Unistake vault with integration to maximize return on investment and save on gas costs.

Background :

protocol built to incentivise liquidity providers through staking bonuses, yield farming and regular dividends.

For : Add Unistake.

Against : Dont add Unistake vault and strategies

Ps: Thank you to all, Eth community and others networks crypto projects/communities for the amazing work and support during the last years.
Kudos and special mention to Near protocol, you guys rock too, silent gents.


Unistake community have been actively engaged with their community and continue to deliver on their ambitions, with a hugely succesfull ISO launch i can’t wait to see them grow from this point onwards

If you want for a Vault proposal to be seriously considered, we need more information on how exactly the vault mechanics would work—especially for a new token that I’ve never heard of and seems to have very low liquidity on Uniswap.


At first, I felt like I was behind. It’s good to see that I’m not the only one that never heard of unistake.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot on info on the site outside the stakenyour UNI and get this “stable” STAKE Unistake has 80k usd volume in 24 hours, and just seems too new for now. Unless, this has amazing support and someone who wants to write the code, I don’t see it happening. We have other more important vaults to focus on after v2 is up like the snx vault among others.

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