Proposal: bolt a CFAMM facility to the Y pool

This is amazing work, but unfortunately, I have to say I am against this.

From a technological perspective this introduces new risks to the vaults, that we should not discount.
From a maintenance perspective this introduces a new area of focus that we need to monitor and adds additional operational overhead.
From a business development perspective this requires new integrations with multiple vendors (1inch, matcha, paraswap, and more)
From an ideological perspective I feel this goes against composability.

And then on a personal note, yearn has made it till here, because it relied on its ecosystem partners for their work and support, Aave, Compound, Curve, 1inch, Zapper, Frontier, and more. While I understand that this could add value and additional revenues, I feel it goes against the ethos of defi and open finance. We could fork Aave, and we could fork Curve, and we would have sufficient liquidity to create those markets, but that isn’t what this movement is about. It’s about supporting each other and elevating those around us, not for our own personal well being, but for the space as a whole. I do understand that this is a naive view, but I feel it is important that I share it.

I think there is value in revisiting this strongly should decisions in sub protocols cause detriment to the sustainability and ethos of the project. But I would personally not be able to implement this due to my own morals and beliefs.

Now, as always, this is up to the community to decide, and happy to support the outcome, but needed to express my views.