MultiSig Transparency

Is there a resource through which we can see what funds are deployed by the MultiSig, to whom, and why? Without such a resource, it seems quite difficult to judge the MultiSig signers’ performance. YIP 41 grants the MultiSig operational authority on the following decisions for six (6) months from its implementation:

  • Determining and distributing protocol grants.
  • Determining and distributing community grants.
  • Determining and distributing legal + DAO consultation grants.
  • Identifying and executing key hires listed on the attached budget.
  • Identifying and engaging security firms.
  • Identifying and engaging analytical firms.
  • Continue executing yVault strategy changes until a dedicated team can take over.
  • Facilitating UI & front-end development.
  • Facilitating business development and integrations.

As far as I can tell, there’s no easy way to gauge if and how well these responsibilities are being considered and fulfilled. since Is there a single place in which to see how each of these proposed responsibilities is being fulfilled and what funds have been deployed to tackle each (ideally, with links to Etherscan transactions)? I recognize that there are bits and pieces of such information floating around in weekly Newsletters and forum threads, but it’d be great to see a resource focused solely on capital deployment of the MultiSig.

I understand that the MultiSig is only temporarily empowered, but as we all know, 6 months is a long time in DeFi days.


You can see all multisig budgeting transactions here:


What @milkyklim said! Plus, you can see who all received a grant last month and for what here: September Grants Announcement

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