LINK yVaults and LINK node staking aggregator


When LINK staking is available in the chainlink network, a yield aggregator should be created which distributes risk across the highest reputation nodes.


LINK is the base protocol layer for decentralised finance applications. In addition to providing price references, it also specifies a collateral mechanism. In addition to yield aggregating stablecoin markets like curve, I do not see why it would not be possible to apply the same aggregating techniques to LINK node staking.


Users deposit LINK into yVaults and are issued 1:1 yLINK derivatives. The deposited LINK is then staked into high reputation chainlink nodes, and interest is paid back into the yLINK derivative (similar to how aLINK works). Balancer techniques could be used to assign a ratio to LINK staking versus yPool stablecoin yield farming.


Create a yLINK derivative in the ecosystem which aggregates yield by staking LINK deposited in yVaults into high reputation chainlink nodes.


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