Incentivizing yPRISMA gauges on bribe platforms

With the launch of yPRISMA and correlated bribe markets on Hidden Hand, Votium Prisma, Votium Curve, and Vote Market on StakeDAO (links limited to two for new users, so sorry about that), I believe it is time to discuss incentivization of votes for yPRISMA gauges for vePRISMA holders, vlCVX holders and veCRV holders.

Doing so will increase the liquidity of the yPRIMSA/PRISMA pool by raising the amount of deposits, and therefore likely increase the yPRISMA:PRISMA exchange rate because large holders will be confident in their ability to swap in and out of yPRISMA without extreme slippage and thus be more willing to hold large amounts of yPRIMSA.

I’ll hold off on suggesting specific bribe amounts to use across the various platforms now, and simply raise this as a point of discussion for the protocol at this point. Thoughts?

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