Fixed Forex - update thread

Fee distribution deployed. First fee distribution (~EUR21,000.00) will occur 29/07/2021 00:00:00 UTC.

ibKRW deployed. Will become available for borrowing on Yearn after 12 hour timelock.

Pools pending new factory pool;


ibEUR/USDt dodo pool for forex swaps in planning phase.

Next milestones;

  • ibCNY/CNYt
  • Gauge voting and veIBFF distribution

ibEUR/sEUR deployed
ibKRW/sKRW deployed

Distribution gauge deployed, currently only ibEUR/sEUR supported, ibEUR/sEUR gauge deployed

Users can use veIBFF to vote for their preferred gauges, this will increase the proportion of rewards received by that gauge.

A users veIBFF balance augments the IBFF they receive from providing liquidity to the gauge, up to a maximum of 250% increase.

User flow as follows (using ibEUR/sEUR pool as example)

ibEUR.approve(curve, _amount1)
sEUR.approve(curve, _amount2)
curve.add_liquidity([_amount1, _amount2], _min_lp_stake)* do not attempt this step if you don’t understand curve pools and single sided slippage, wait for the UI
curve.approve(gauge, _lp_stake)

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Deployments and addresses ibEUR/sEUR gauge address ibEUR/sEUR pool address ibKRW/sKRW gauge address ibKRW/sKRW pool address

Fixed Forex gauge voting address

Example vote for veIBFF holders; 50% ibKRW, 50% ibEUR

Emission distribution

Faucet rewards re-enabled, 1 IBFF
ibEUR/ETH distribution rewards re-enabled, 100 IBFF
Gauges rewards activated, 100 IBFF

Next milestones

  • Forex Swaps (0 slippage forex trades - increases profit)
  • stabilizers (increases protocol profit)
  • Dodo wrapper & LP token incentives

Deployments and addresses

Emission distribution

Starting next cycle, all distribution (faucet excluding) will be moved to Gauge Proxy v2

Next milestones

  • Forex Swaps (inter ib*assets)
  • Synthetix 0 slippage swaps
  • ibKRW stabilizer
  • dodo lp gauge

Fee distribution

Week 3 fee distribution USD15,831
Fee claim for week 2 is available
IBFF week 2 distribution for veIBFF available

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UI and Phase 2 distribution

UI v 0.1.3-beta deployed

Minting and burning via


  • Manage liquidity
  • Deposit into stable pools
  • Stake tokens for rewards
  • Increase length and amount of vest
  • Vote for pool emission
  • Claim unlocked IBFF and protocol fee distribution

Phase 2 distribution

Emission schedule will be doubled from 09-08-2021

Emission schedule will be moved to the new v2 proxy from 09-08-2021, after reward emission stops on v1, you can unstake via etherscan and deposit using the UI.


Emission distribution

Week 4 emission cycle active, all available via the

Fee distribution

Week 4 fee distribution EUR17,854
Fee claim for week 3 is available
IBFF week 3 distribution for veIBFF available

Next Milestones

  • Forex Swaps
  • Synthetix 0 slippage swaps (pending SIP-171)
  • ibKRW stabilizer
  • ibZAR, ibJPY, ibAUD, ibGBP, ibCHF


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