Enhance yETH Governance Voting: Quorum and Decay


Make the following adjustments to yETH governance voting:

  • Add a quorum requirement for votes to be considered valid.
  • Introduce a decay in voting power as the voting period is about to end.


These modifications support the transition to on-chain governance and aim to safeguard yETH governance from misuse.


  • Minimizes the risk of spurious or harmful proposals being passed unnoticed.
  • Reduces spam; saves resources and effort for sincere voters by eliminating the need to respond to proposals with low chances of success.

Voting Power Decay

  • Deters abrupt, influential votes in the last block, preventing manipulation by large token holders.

Future Possibilities

The framework is adaptable, allowing for future enhancements based on governance participation trends.



  • Applies to all governance votes, including weights and asset inclusion


  • A defined quorum threshold of st-yETH participation is necessary for a vote’s passage.
  • quorum is measured in voting power (vp), not in st-yETH
  • quorum is adjustable through yETH governance:
    • Range: 0 to 500 vp
    • Default: 100 vp

Voting Power Decay

  • Voting weights decrease linearly in the final 24 hours, reaching zero at the end of the voting period.


  • Quorum: Immediately
  • Voting Power Decay: With the launch of on-chain governance
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