Development Funds


Mint up to 150 YFI tokens to be controlled by multisig to be set aside for paying for audits, UX/UI improvements, payment for analysis (Delphi & others). Funds can be replenished by additional vote or burnt if it turns out there were more than enough funds.


A small fund should be set aside to pay for ongoing expenses such as security audits, UI/UX improvements, and research delivered by firms such as Delphi. This will be a small step towards experimenting with this new community to pay for ongoing expenses without committing to grand long term visions while the protocol is still new. Also by having an expense fund set aside this will give confidence to people who are contributing to the protocol that they will be compensated for the value they provide to all YFI token holders.

For: Agree to mint 150 YFI to be set aside for ongoing development costs of the protocol.

Against: Do not mint 150 YFI tokens.



This should be a no brainer. Get YFI some funds. 150 YFI is a reasonable ask. Let’s get this done.

Why are you muddying the waters now? Let’s focus on one issue at a time. We need to find a way to start moving forward.

This makes sense let’s do it immediately!

Interested in redirecting systems rewards first. Andre is the one who sees ops costs, and is the one who suggested it, so it’s clear he feels fees can cover them for now.

Closing this one cause Andre proposed stronger solution to this problem. See comment above.