Create a vault for Ocean protocol

Summary :

A given data asset’s AMM pool holds both OCEAN and the data token as liquidity. Price is based on the ratio of OCEAN tokens versus data tokens in the pool. More OCEAN enters, and data tokens leave if data tokens are sold, so data token price goes up. If more data tokens enter or OCEAN leaves, then data token price goes down.

Abstract :

Ocean self-sustaining:

-take a small fee from data marketplaces, etc., and
-redirect it to the community projects that grow the ecosystem.

Motivation :

At its heart is a loop, designed for the “snowball effect” growth of the ecosystem. The Workers do work to help grow the Web3 Project Ecosystem . Apps and services generate revenue using the Web3 project’s tools. A non-extractive fraction of that revenue is looped back as Network revenue to the Web3 community: to Buy & Burn $TOKEN and back to workers curated by the community . To catalyze growth and ensure decent funding in the early days, Network rewards also feed to Workers.

Ocean Market, an open data marketplace for the community. It is built on the foundation of datatokens. As the first example of Ocean V3’s composability, Ocean Market directly leverages
Balancer DEX technology for staking, automatic pricing of data, and data curation.

We will be asking for community support with integrations with other Web3 tools and services, porting Ocean smart contracts to other L1 technologies such as Polkadot, xDAI, Binance Smart Chain, and other course filling the Ocean with data and AI services.

We want to thank all the community members for joining into the vision and helping to make it your own and the countless contributors throughout this four-year journey that have made Ocean Protocol a community project for everyone. With our foundation of state-of-the-art technology and the rapidly growing Ocean community, let’s spread the message that it’s now possible to own our data truly.

For :
Create a vault

Against :
Don’t add it to yearn finance.


This seems to be more of an ad/promotion for OCEAN than an actual proposal for a vault/strategy. Closing this topic now.

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