Capacity-constrained strategies - require YFI Staking

For now, the strategies yearn is farming seem fairly scalable

But in the future, what if there are capacity constrained strategies?

One thought i have is that these capacity constrained vaults may be accessed only by YFI holders

For instance, staking 1 YFI lets you deposit up to 2 YFI of funds, or something like that.
or just require people to stake at least 1 yfi to participate.

This is similar to Reneissance Technologies Medallion Fund. This is an employee-only fund that trades capacity-constrained quantitative strategies in traditional equity market.s

This also improves the utility of YFI.


This would be a cool idea. Maybe you have to stake yfi to invest in the VC Vault?

I think this is a great idea, but maybe one to simply keep in the back of our minds for now until we need to use it later– I don’t think there’s much reason to submit a YIP for now if we don’t have a real use case.

Probably the best way to do it would be to identify what a reasonable maximum is for capital. Then divide that number by the number of YFI, and distribute allocation accordingly. You could probably safely assume that at least 20-30% of YFI holders wouldn’t participate, and could bump of the allocation by however much you felt comfortable doing.

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