APWine request for delegated funding DAO vault loan through yVCDAO

Hello everyone, I’m part of the APWine.fi team.

APWine is a new platform coming to the decentralized finance ecosystem.

What is APWine?

What about selling your future APY? Tokenize your crops, and sell them.

by Pascal T. (https://twitter.com/pscltllrd)

In other terms:

It allows farmers to lock their bearing interests funds on platforms like Yearn finance, Aave and Compound for a predefined period of time. By locking those funds, the farmers mint “future yield tokens” representing the interests generated during the entire period. Those tokens can be traded, meaning that if you want to hedge your risk, you can sell your yield to someone wanting to play and earn from its volatility. It also allows anyone who doesn’t have much funds to “take part” in the yield farming by buying some “future yield tokens” to get access to the tokens it respresents.

Why do we need help from yVCDAO fair funding?

We want our platform to give a new tool for Yield Farming. To achieve this goal we need as much visibility and liquidity as possible to make it sustainable.

How are we going to use the funds?

We will be locking the funds on YFI to generate yield, which will allow us to mint some “future yield tokens”. Those “future yield tokens” on our DEX against ETH or stablecoins (at a reasonable price) to attract buyers and create liquidity.

Why is it beneficial for Yearn Finance?

When we lock the funds, they go back on Yearn finance. As such, the funds are “safe” on Yearn Finance Vault. When we sell the minted “future yield tokens” we create a fixed and upfront yield that will be added to the yVCDAO funds.
We’ll also have a liquidity mining program allowing to earn APW tokens. (for tokenomics and allocations, go check our blog: https://apwine.fi/blog/introducing-apw)
This interaction will be a WIN-WIN for everyone and will help farmers using our platform to use Yearn Finance while hedging the yield volatility risks. It will also allow bullish users seeking for volatility to play with few capital.

I hope I caught your attention and made you as excited as we are about this project. Go check our site: APWine.fi
(Prepare for the alpha, releasing soon…)
Love you all, members of the fastest moving community


Can you please give an example to illustrate exactly how this selling of future yield would work? How does pricing of that works given future yield is unstable.

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Hello, thank you for your question☻
If you have for example 1000 yyCRV and you want to use our platform. You deposit them on our platform, then you register to lock your funds for a predefined period on the platform of your choice (here, it would be Yearn finance). By locking your funds, you minted 1000 “Future Yield Tokens” (FYT) which represents the interests generated by your locked funds during the predefined period. Once those tokens are minted and the period started, you can trade them. If you want to hedge your risk, you can sell your FYT to someone seeking yield volatility. By doing so, you can get your yield upfront, you can even use it to farm again.
At the end of the period, your funds are unlocked if you unregistered for the next period.
If you have some, you can burn the FYT to redeem a part of the generated interests pool.

If you want to know even more about our project, you can go on APWine.fi and read the White Paper


This sounds amazing and I would love to see it tested in the wild.


Hello, thank you for your interest in our project
We are going to release an Alpha version before the end of septembre, we’ll invite you to check it out😁